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News and Updates!

1.13 News

By timelord_shamus - Posted Jul 21, 18

This is a big announcement, I’ll be listing all the features I want to have on the server and details of each feature!

Website - I will be rebuilding a new website from the ground up for the server which will also post news and updates, it will also contain forums, donation store, member list, voting sites and staff applications plus a tone of smaller features.

Free Ranks - The server will have 10 free ranks, pretty much the same ranks we had last map, everyone who had a free rank will be reset.

Crates - The server will have 3 Crates, There will still be a voting crate as I want voting to be quite rewarding.

My Pet - Most people who know what this plugin is, so ill add it pretty much its a detailed levelling system for pets and lets you tame any mob for a pet.

Silk Spawners - Players have been begging me for this, I will have silk spawners but only at a 75% drop rate and have chunk limits on how many you can place in one chunk.

Gui Shop - I’ll be adding a GUI shop with items and spawners you can buy. It's also good for me to configure as I can now sell anything as it is command based, unlike the signs.

Custom OP Tools - Yes those villagers are back at it selling their black market items for your emeralds and diamonds.

Player Shops - Rent locations at spawn for in-game money and create a little business at spawn selling whatever you wish!

Leaderboards - Spawn will contain leaderboards consisting of the top balances, mcmmo power level and playtime.

MCMMO - Yeah just feels wrong not to have mcmmo plugin.

Anticheat - I’ll be testing out a new anti-cheat that auto kicks hackers and reports it to so staff can ban them later on.

Bartender - A place to gamble in-game cash (depends if it will be updated for 1.13 if I am able to add it)

Smaller Features:

* 40000 wide world, 20000 block walk to world border from the centre of spawn.

* Random wild teleport

* Custom Death messages, will have a place to submit death message ideas when server opens

So yeah that took me a while to write I hope you're excited as I am for the 1.13 TimeCraft map

Thanks, everyone, I will announce the release date once the spigot is updated and I’ve started to work on the server!