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News and Updates!

1.13.1 New Map!

By timelord_shamus - Posted Aug 29, 18

New Server is now open, Join right now with: mc-timecraft.net Version: 1.13.1 

Major Changes

All free ranks have been reset now you need cash to rank up /rankup

Donators keep their Rank, you keep it for life even if won for free!

Display for information on scoreboard Imperator Rank added (perks will be posted on website store soon!)

Jobs plugin added (earn cash by doing 3 selectable jobs!)

Vote Party everyone gets rewards after 50 server votes!

Custom enchants (flight enchant for free players)

Plus many more changes!

Development has taken me a while sorry for the long wait, hope you guys enjoy the new 1.13 map, see you on! timecraftsurvival.com